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Golf is Your Secret Weapon for
Business Top

Yes, you heard that right.
Golfer hitting golf

It's time to make the time.

Has it become a struggle balancing business and golf?
Life as a leader is a constant juggling act filled with high-stakes decisions, the endless meeting marathon, and unrelenting demands.  As your team grows, so do the pressures that come with it, leaving you with little time for the things you love.  For many, one such passion is the game of golf.  Making time to unwind, improve your game,  and connect with nature and others becomes an elusive challenge when you're running on empty.
It's Not Just Your Handicap That Takes a Hit.

Neglecting what matters has a price for you and your loved ones
It's no secret that a relentless focus on work can lead to burnout and strain on your health and relationships. When golf takes a backseat to the demands of leadership, several consequences can emerge:
1. Your Health Takes a Hit: The stress of leadership coupled with a sedentary work lifestyle can impact your physical health, leading to fatigue, weight gain, and overall diminished well-being.
2. Strained Relationships: Neglecting quality time with loved ones, including family and friends, can strain relationships and create a sense of isolation and feelings of guilt. 
3. Loss of Balance: The absence of recreational activities like golf can result in an imbalanced life, leading to a lack of inspiration, creativity, and reduced effectiveness in your professional role.
4. Missed Opportunities: Networking on the golf course can provide unique opportunities for business connections and growth, making it a potential missed avenue for expanding your professional reach.

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Reclaiming Your Time: The Role of Rest & Recovery Coaching
There is a solution that can help you regain control over your life, rekindle your passion for golf, and fortify your position as a superior executive leader.  Introducing Rest and Recovery Coaching—a revolutionary approach that enables you to harmonize your professional and personal spheres, fostering a life of high performance, fulfillment, and success.

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Golf Players
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What is Rest & Recovery Coaching?
Rest and Recovery Coaching is a tailored strategy designed to empower executive leaders like you to strike a harmonious balance between work, personal interests, and overall well-being. Through personalized guidance and support, Rest & Recovery Coaching helps you:
1. Master Your Time: Uncover strategies to optimize your schedule, delegate tasks effectively, and free up time for professional and personal pursuits.
2. Prioritize Your Wellness: Learn techniques to manage stress, optimize your health, and make time for activities like golf that rejuvenate your mind and body.
3. Revitalize Your Relationships: Gain insights into improving professional and personal relationships, fostering a sense of connection and understanding despite your demanding schedule.
4. Seize Professional Opportunities: Leverage the benefits of incorporating golf into your routine, using it as a powerful tool for networking and relationship-building in the business world.

Harvard-Trained Rest & Resilience Coach, Speaker, & Facilitator

Kayla Maran Lee, M.Ed. and CPCC

For over 20 years, Kayla has helped leaders, teams and organizations across the world innovate and improve in their effectiveness and efficiency.  She's known for articulating what often feels like the elephant in the room and helping teams over come fear so they can have tough, yet empathetic conversations with each other that move them forward as a team and as an organization. 


She studied Prevention Science & Practice at Harvard and is an alumna of the University of Texas at Austin, the US Fulbright Grant, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Scholars Program. 

When she's not running her business, you can find her on an adventure, on a bike, or on the golf course.

FACILITATED PRESENTATION TOPICS FOR Corporations & Start-Ups: Starting at $5,500
  • Ready. Set. Rest. Workshop: How to Unlock the Power of Rest & Resiliency in the Workplace 

  • ​FOREward Conversations: Driving Communication Success on and off the Green

  • Getting to the Green: How Making Time for Golf Can Transform Your Life and Leadership

Tee Up for a Brighter Future
As an executive leader, it's easy to lose sight of the activities that bring you joy and connection outside of the boardroom. However, by acknowledging the toll that neglecting these passions can take and embracing the rest and recovery coaching solution, you can reclaim your time, rediscover the joys of golf, and emerge as a more balanced and fulfilled leader.
Let rest and recovery coaching guide you toward a future where success on the golf course becomes a metaphor for the success you achieve in all areas of your life.

Partnering with Leaders and Teams from:

In my 27 years with this organization, it is some of the best facilitation and group dynamics building that I have ever experienced. I can say that our team is so much further along because of the work that we did with Kayla. An unlike other working sessions, we continue to use what we learned and lean back into those days that we spent together. 

Mark Beddingfield, CEO

American Red Cross

Alabama and Mississippi Region



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